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Zaza Korinteli - Vocal
Aleksandre Maziashvili - Sound engineer

Ioseb Kapanadze- Keyboard
Alexander Nikoladze - Flute, percussion, Vocal

Levan Deisadze - Bass Zaza Tsertsvadze - Dram

ZumbaLand is one of the most successful and popular group in Georgia. The group also participate worldwide in various festivals and events successfully. music of ZumbaLand contains different genres: jazz, fusion, Georgian folk, funk, rock...


Vaidas Stackevicius-director of M.P.3 Agency: The band ZumbaLand is made from great musicians and great music. It is interesting to listen to them and to watch them play. They are honest to the audience and to themselves. The band carries the spirit of Caucasus. I am very happy to meet this band and I'm very happy that they starting to have fans in Lithuania. Waiting for their new album, which was recorded in Vilnius.